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Right now 116,000 Wisconsin students depending on Financial Aid are rapidly becoming the future of Wisconsin.

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Building a Stronger Wisconsin

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An investment in student aid is an investment in everyone’s future. That future means fulfilling dreams. That’s the Power of Financial Aid.

Show that powersign the petition to Wisconsin’s Governor and legislators. Support state student financial aid programs that help Wisconsin students at Wisconsin colleges and universities.

State of Wisconsin circular graphic with a sliver removed depicting that less than 1% of Wisconsin tax-payer supported budget is spent on financial aid.

Wisconsin spends less than one percent of its taxpayer-supported budget on financial aid.

— Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board

Financial Aid Provides a Way Forward

African American female college student on college campus in foreground with a group of other students behind her.Without state student financial aid, many Wisconsin residents could not continue in college or on the path to fulfilling their dreams. Yet in 2012-13, Wisconsin turned away 48,000 students because of a lack of funding for student financial aid, all while student need is exploding. The number of students applying to a Wisconsin college or university who could afford to contribute just $0 towards their higher education has increased by 152% since 2007-08.*

Support state student financial aid programssign the petition, then share it on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends and family to sign it, too. The petition will be shared with Wisconsin legislators and Wisconsin’s Governor so we can show the Power of Financial Aid in Wisconsin.

*2011 Wisconsin Act


Every signature matters. Every Facebook post, every call made or email sent on behalf of the cause to ensure state student financial aid for Wisconsin college students matters.

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