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Right now 116,000 Wisconsin students depending on Financial Aid are rapidly becoming the future of Wisconsin.

The Petition

Asian male college student with a stack of textbooks beside him, looking at a laptop screen and drinking coffee.We know times are tough now, but if you show us your support today by signing the petition, we will give you 110% of our best effort to make Wisconsin an even better state.

On behalf of the 116,000 Wisconsin college students who depend upon financial aid, thank you for your help.


Every signature matters. Every Facebook post, every call made or email sent on behalf of the cause to ensure state student financial aid for Wisconsin college students matters.

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This We Believe

The best investment you can make in yourself is to go to college.

The more college graduates who live and work in Wisconsin, the more the economy and the quality of civic and cultural life will improve.

Young woman taking a selfie with her cell phone. She is wearing a graduation robe and cap and holding a diploma. Text reads